Thursday, July 28, 2011

She's Going Places

One of the hardest parts of grief and losing your own child, is then hearing of other's losses and not only feeling so incredibly sad for them....but also carrying the heavy load of grieving for them as well. I grieve not only for Ainslee, I grieve for the grandchildren I will never get to meet or hold, I grieve for the babies that are miscarried, the babies that are stillborn, the babies with heart defects, the babies who die of cancer, the babies who die of SIDS, the babies who die of any genetic disorder....the babies who are killed.

Tonight my heart is heavy for our sweet Caylee Anthony. I watched the entire trial and felt so let down by feeling there was no real justice for Caylee. Why couldn't the truth come out and it be certain so that this little girl would have her true story told? I look at that little girl and see a little girl that is Adrian's age. How can something so awful happen to this sweet baby girl? My heart feels broken for a baby girl I never knew. And so tonight, I cry for Caylee. I mourn her death as I do my own daughter, as I do all other babies I hear about. I feel so sad I'll never get to hold these babies.

In honor of Caylee, please watch the new song written by Rascal Flatts, my favorite group, in honor of a life gone too soon.

I know I don't know you Caylee, but I miss you and love you.

I love you Adrian and Ainslee.


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