Monday, January 9, 2012

Waiting for Spring

It's winter inside,
and I don't know if
spring will ever come.

But every once in a while
I think I see a sprig of green
pushing up through the frozen ground.

Maybe, just maybe
spring will come.

Be with me, God,
while I watch for spring.
Be with me, God,
when the icy winds blow.
Be with me, God,
when I slip and fall.

Help me to endure the winter.
Help me to wait for spring.
Help me to give hope a chance.
Help me to live again.

Our church sends us a series of grief books called Journeying through Grief and they send them quarterly throughout the first year of grief. We just received our last of the four, acknowleding Ainslee's 1 year memorial approaching. The first page of the book had the above poem and it is so fitting to not only the time of year and the aspects of winter, but our Hope that is to come this spring. Having the patience to wait for Hadlee to be here in the spring is difficult, approaching Ainslee's 1 year brings a ton of anxiety, yet all the while-we're trying to have hope and learn to live in a new way. I'm sure I'll be sharing more of this wonderful series soon. I love the grief ministry that our church has and think I may even get involved somehow in it.



  1. Praying for you as the 1 year approaches. It is a toughie. Your books sound amazing though! Praying for you during a very hard time.

  2. I've read that poem to in a support group around the year mark as well. I hope that as that date gets closer you will be comforted in some way. Thinking of you ((Hugs))

  3. Great poem Channan! Love it!

    I remember last winter wanting spring to come so badly. I wanted the season of my sweet girl's passing to be gone. I was so ready for a new season and a fresh start. Now I have one.

    Yours is coming! I'm so glad for that. Praying for you as always as you prepare for Hadlee Hope. =) What a blessing she is and will continue to be for you.

    Our hope babies are proof of how good God is!

    Much Love girl,