Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busy Weekend!

So this weekend has been so so busy. This past Thursday was Trav's 31st birthday. I am glad to have made it through another October milestone. We have 2 more left for this month and then this dreaded month will come to a close. I have Halloween of course, and then the ultimate dreaded day. Ainslee's 1st birthday...without her.

Thursday night we celebrated with family for Trav's birthday. Friday night we had dinner with another couple that have been one of our best friends for years. We had a great night catching up with them and having some good laughs.

Today has been filled with a very busy day for me. First I started off with a trip to the florist to order Ainslee's flower birthday cake to take to the cemetery on her birthday. We are officially one week away. Her birthday is the 29th. Then I stopped by Target to get a pair of silver flats...only to leave with a pair of gray heels. I always think I'm going to do flats. And then realize since I'm only 5'1 that it's in my best interest to go with the heels.

After that, my pregnant body was calling for a chili cheese coney from Sonic. I crave these when I'm pregnant. I try to limit my hotdog consumption, but sometimes I have to cave for these babies.

For Adrian's school, I am in charge of doing the bulletin board this next month, for the month of November. So, I headed up to Teacher's Tools and put my Early Childhood Education degree to good use! I love being able to get creative. When I was wrapping up my teachers trip, I got a text from our neighbor saying she wanted to stop by with her little girl. So, I ran home really quick so I could see her.

This little girl is only 2 weeks behind Ainslee. My neighbor and I were pregnant together and shared our joys when our daughters were born. And we shared our sadness when Ainslee passed away. Watching Adrian and this little girl play together today seems so strange to me. It's wonderful to see how great he is with babies, yet so sad to think that is supposed to be our life. I can't even imagine Ainslee being a year old and what our house would be like with the two of them playing. I can't imagine the amount of laughter, tears, smiles, flying toys, and how much more love would be around. Being around babies, of any sex, that are Ainslee's age doesn't really seem to affect me much. I think it's because I don't know her at a year old. I can't even begin to imagine what she'd be like.

After our little visit, I headed up to this antique shop just down the road. I have really been itching to get a few pieces of furniture and do a little extra decorating. These simple purchases and temporary mind consuming activities can get me through to the next moments. I've been on the market for a vintage white buffet but have yet to find one that I love.

Tomorrow we're headed to the Cowboys/Rams game. It will be chaos down in Arlington with the World Series going on too. I had originally wanted to get these silver flats so I'd be comfortable for the long hike that accompanies a Cowboys game. It is so far away to park and walk to the stadium. But, instead, this pregnant Momma will be in my new high heels, huffing and puffing, and eventually ending up with Travis carrying me. Go Cowboys! And Go Rangers!


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