Friday, June 17, 2011


Today marks the day I am just typing "something" to start this new blog. I've never blogged before but I do have entirely too many thoughts in one brain to contain so I must get them out somehow. The feelings I've had over the last 4+ months are many I've never had before so I think it's time to get them out. Hopefully through my healing, others will enjoy and catch a glimpse of the daily journey/struggle we're on. In preface, I hope to never offend anyone or seem selfish...but some days it may seem that way and I apologize in advance. I've journaled twice since our daughter, Ainslee has been gone and I think today I will go ahead and post them separately to catch you up on a couple of my thoughts thus far. I don't intend to get better through this journey..I intend to get a little bit stronger.


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