Wednesday, February 1, 2012

29 1/2 weeks pregnant

How far along? 29 1/2 weeks
Total weight gain: 18 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yep
Stretch marks? No new ones yet
Sleep: Not sleeping well at all. Sometimes I throw up in my sleep which is just awesome!
Best moment this week: Seeing Hadlee on the big screen
Miss Anything? Not really
Movement: She is a busy bee. She is moving a lot and has noticeable wake/sleep cycles.
Food cravings: Anything chocolate and always McDonalds
Anything making you queasy or sick: I sometimes get super grossed out with certain meats, sometimes chicken sometimes beef. If it's beef, it's mostly steak.
Gender: Confirmed girl!
Labor Signs: I've had an increase in Braxton hicks everyday, probably about 4 a day but Hadlee can stay put for now.
Symptoms: Exhaustion!
Belly Button in or out? Out-it's just lovely
Wedding rings on or off? I can still wear my wedding band, but my engagement ring has taken the back seat for now.
Happy or Moody most of the time: So Happy about Hadlee, just living in a world of sadness that I'm trying to overcome.
Looking forward to: having my bundle of Hope in my arms!

Today marks the beginning of February-what an awfully stupid month it has now become. I'm glad to have had Hadlee's sonogram to look forward to today and be joyful about this rainbow baby we've been blessed with. This time last year, we only had one week left with Ainslee and I never would have thought a year later, I'd be at a 30 week sono for our baby girl that would be bringing us hope. Hadlee looked great!

Her tummy, legs and arms were all measuring 29 weeks. Her big ole' head was measuring at 31 weeks. Travis isn't lacking in the head department so I'm assuming that's where she gets it. Hopefully her body will catch up. She looks just perfect and is weighing in at 3 pounds 2 ounces. Even though I don't have gestational diabetes, I decided that starting today, I would follow my gestational diabetes diet I did previously to help should I be borderline. I don't want for any reason to think she could have blood sugar problems at birth because of anything I did so I'm hoping to help start a healthy life for her. It also really helps to manage my weight gain. With Adrian I only put on 19 pounds and it was a healthy weight for both him and I.

Today I also got the rotten Rhogam shot since my blood is A-. Adrian's blood was A- at birth and Ainslee's was AB+ so I had to get the follow up Rhogam after Ainslee.

The sweetest thing happened today just before Travis and I left for my appt. My father in law had come over to watch Adrian while we were gone and I asked Adrian to give me a hug kiss before we left. He ran over, hugged me tight, gave me a big kiss and said I love you Momma. Then he bent down and said, "I love you Hadlee" and kissed my tummy. Oh what a good big brother he is. He loved having Ainslee around. He would seriously kiss her probably 20-30 times a day out of nowhere without anyone having to tell him. And I have a feeling it's going to be the same way with Hadlee.

I am 29 1/2 weeks pregnant, and my tummy is measuring 32 weeks pregnant. I always measure ahead so it's all normal for me. I'm now on the 2 week schedule for seeing my OB. We're getting closer. I can't wait to have her in my arms. I can only imagine how emotional it will be to see her and hold her, but I also have hope that she will restore some joy and bring more love to our hearts. 10 weeks from tomorrow is the day!

Enjoy our Hadlee....

Some goodies I bought for Hadlee after our sono today.



  1. Love the update on your sweet girl! She will be here before you know it and I cannot wait to meet her!!!

  2. I am also A-, I had to ask my doctor 3 times to explain what that meant because I had no idea what it was and just couldn't remember when she would tell me. :) I LOVE the pictures of sweet Hadlee. Such cute lips. Try and enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

  3. Love those quotes! It is almost time for your new sweet baby to come, can't wait to see pictures of her!!