Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Last year on Thanksgiving day, I remember a few things:

I remember holding you.

I remember rocking you.

I remember nursing you.

I remember our family was so excited to have a new addition to the Thanksgiving table.

I will always remember my sweet Ainslee. I love you and I miss you. I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving my love, and now that you're a year old, I'm sure you're enjoying turkey, stuffing, and everything that goes with a feast. I pray that you are happy, healthy, and full of laughter. I pray that you watch over us as we go into the holiday season. Keep us safe, keep us healthy, and keep us close to you.

Last Thanksgiving....

My sweet niece holding her cousin, Ainslee, on her first Thanksgiving.

Ryan, my nephew, holding Ainslee, my mother in law and my niece

My sweet little Adrian on Thanksgiving day last year playing outside.

I sadly didn't get a picture of our family on Thanksgiving, or a picture of Ainslee and I on Thanksgiving. I thought I'd have more Thanksgivings with her and tried not to be like a "first time mom" since I always heard it so much with Adrian. I regret not taking pictures because now we don't have the chance to take them anymore. I'm at least glad I have these pictures of that day, a very memorable day for me, and one I was always remember and cherish.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families. If you're traveling, please be safe.



  1. This brings tears to my eyes. I pray that you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Sending up lots of prayers for you guys!!! I know our Angels are having the best Thanksgiving ever. Wish we could be there with them because I know its a wonderful place!!!

  2. Oh Channan, she is so beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!