Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hadlee's 1st Birthday Party Celebration

This past Sunday, April 7th, we had Hadlee's birthday party. We had such a great time. I wasn't stressed like I typically am for birthday parties, everything came together beautifully! We had a bounce house, a huge cupcake sign in the front of our yard, balloon animals and face painting, and a table of candy! Oh, and not to mention the cutest birthday girl alive! Hadlee took a great nap right up until her party started at 1 and was all rested up for the festivities. She didn't get her face painted but she did take pictures (some of which she was not fond of), ate a piece of pizza, and enjoyed dainty bites of her smash cake. Hadlee is pretty attached to me and as long as she was on my hip, she was great. I wanted to have a beautiful fun-filled candy themed birthday party for our special little girl and it all turned out perfectly. Tomorrow is her actual birthday. We are starting off the day at 8:30 am with a mass for Ainslee. Hopefully we'll be able to have a great day celebrating our little girl. We are all a bit under the weather so I'm hoping these sniffles and runny noses don't hold us back! Below are a few pictures of Hadlee's special day...enjoy!!!

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  1. All 3 of your children are beautiful. Sending love and hope from my broken heart to yours....I also have a rainbow baby girl turning one in May! They sure help our hearts.
    Love to you this day
    Tiffany Hebb-Ollie and Poppys momma